Introducing Si-Su, your first step to being more sustainable and eco-friendly

Most of us are sold on the fact that we need to be less wasteful, reduce our impact on the world and be more eco-friendly, that we need to make sure we are leaving the world in a better place than we found it.

We know we need to make some pretty bold changes, individually and collectively, to really turn the dial on climate change and the plastic problem.

We know we need to rewrite patterns, behaviours and habits that have taken a lifetime to learn.

We know convenience can no longer come at any cost, particularly when the cost is our planet, and our convenience often comes at the expense of people less fortunate than us.

We know we have to own our responsibility to be more sustainable.

For the most part, we’re willing to put our hands up for the sustainability challenge. But knowing the monumentally sized, bigger than Everest, mountain we have to climb is extremely daunting, so much so that it often wavers enthusiasm. Many of us don’t see what difference we can make as one person or household, particularly when the effect of your individual effort is invisible to you.

With household waste making up 12% of all waste in the UK, it really is within our gift to make a difference just by changing our habits within our home.

The average household throws away more than a tonne of waste every year, that’s the weight of a double decker bus. Or 33 Labradors, if you want to use Co-Founder, Rohan’s, favourite contextualisation. Across the UK that’s over 25 million double decker buses of waste a year! 833 million Labradors!! Not only that, we’re throwing away 3% more each and every year, we recycle less than half of our waste even though over 80% can be recycled and we produce and use 20 times more plastic today than we did 50 years ago.

This has a huge impact on the sustainability of our planet when you consider:

It takes the same amount of energy to make one new aluminium can as it does to recycle 20.

Recycling just one tonne of aluminium saves up to 9 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

We can cut our CO2 emissions and reduce our carbon footprint by up to 25% by simply recycling or composting our food waste.

Every tonne of glass recycled saves 246 kg of CO2 emissions.

At Si-Su our mission is to make it easier for people to be more sustainable and eco-friendly.

We know all too well that the eco-friendly choice isn’t usually the easiest; not being sure whether you can recycle something, forgetting your reusable coffee cup, or picking up the single use plastic during your weekly shop. We’ve all felt that guilt when it happens, even those with the best intentions know how easy it is to succumb to convenience.

Our research found 4 common problems for consumers

  • It’s hard to find eco-friendly products in the first place
  • Eco-friendly products don’t always do the job they say they will
  • People can sometimes feel green washed, it’s difficult to know whether to trust what you’re reading and whether you’re being told the whole truth
  • All too often the convenience choice takes over.

    We don’t have all the answers to all the problem’s (yet), but we have a good starting point.

    Our purpose

    • To make it easier for people to find ethical and eco-friendly products all in one place
    • To be the most convenient option for our customers
    • To be simple, transparent and educate on how our products meet eco-friendly and sustainable criteria

    How we're tackling the problem head on

    We sell eco-friendly household products from suppliers that are focused on lowering waste, have a focus on their supply chains, are conscious of their carbon footprint and those giving back to their communities.  Our partners are doing good in different ways and some are further along the journey than others but it’s clear they’re united by a passion to change things for the better.

    Si-Su is designed to be a regular order service so you don’t need to think about your shop month to month. We also give you total control to cancel, add, pause, remove items and orders whenever you want so you are only ever getting the products you need.

    At Si-Su we are all about transparency and helping you be conscious about where you spend your money. This is why you can see key information about each supplier on our Partners Page and against each product, making it easier for you to make the right decisions based on what is important to you.

    We believe we are powerful as consumers, we can exercise that power by consciously deciding where we put our money.

    Signing off

    To drop a quote from a favourite of ours, Mary Shelley “The beginning is always today”. This isn’t our end point, this is the start of a journey, it’s something we can start today that will make a difference. We’re excited about where it might take us, and we’re excited about finding more opportunities to make a difference.

    Facts and figures 

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